Mouawad Gemz

Depth of Feeling

Mouawad Gems Paintings

As a self-taught artist, I get my inspiration from humans & colors. Human beings have always impressed me. Just imagine how amazing it is to create more than 7 billion people hand-crafted and hand-painted so that no one looks alike and each is unique.

Colors are everywhere. We are colored, and nature is colored. Colors define things around us and that is why I love bold and vivid hues and shades. I always sign my paintings “ian” as a tribute to my Armenian heritage.

Caroline meghrikian mouawad

A special kind of fashion jewelry, made from cold porcelain, handcrafted and hand-painted to make each woman as unique as the piece she is wearing. Each piece in the Diamanté collection stands out because it is made with the utmost care,  artisan style and delicately adorned with natural stones, freshwater pearls, and rhinestones. Cold porcelain dough is soft and malleable but the finished product is sturdy and hard to break. This glamorous, bold, exquisite jewelry is totally handmade and lightweight. Light as a feather which makes it easy to wear all day long.

“And one day, she discovered that she is beautiful and unique in her own way and that day she complemented her outfit with Diamanté and she simply looked Gorgeous!”

Papier-mâché is a malleable mixture of paper and glue that becomes hard when dry. Creating paper mache bowls, centerpieces, and napkin rings is just a way to express my love for design and home accessories.

Each piece is handmade with passion and craftsmanship so as to make it unique and special.

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